Half a Year



So today, my son, Oren, is six months old.

He’s happy, healthy and a pleasure to be around, even in spite of his insistence on going to bed at 5am.

He has recently begun crawling in earnest (still a little clumsy, but it’s true crawling, up on hands and knees) and can pull himself to a stand, provided he has sturdy enough support to hang on to. He’s started solids in the last week and is taking well to them, even though they’re mostly just for exploration, fun and nutritional supplementation at this point.

I’m a proud mama.

Droppin’ naps like they’re hot

My son officially turned 5 months today, and over the last week I’ve noticed him trying to go longer and longer between naps, and resisting the temptation to doze off during feeding sessions at the same time. Just yesterday, he violently and vocally fought back when I tried to get him to take his usual 4pm nap, and I eventually gave up and let him have his way. Once we stopped insisting, he was content and eventually dozed off on his own as he was siting propped up next to me on the couch.
And right now, he’s completely shrugged off his usual 10:30ish pm nap and is batting at everything he can from my lap. Thankfully, he’s still sleeping through the night, except for is 2-3 feedings, so there’s that.

It’ll be interesting to see how this develops.

What the thrush?!

Breastfeeding was easy for me, thankfully. However, my baby and I did eventually infect each other with thrush, and that wasn’t easy to deal with or treat.

The nystatin ointment we got for his yeast diaper rash didn’t work on me and was useless for his oral thrush. I didn’t want to stain everything with gentian violet or the harsh effects on the tummy of diflucan unless 100% necessary. I read about grapefruit seed extract being an effective fungicide and ordered some.


I diluted about 15 drops of the concentrate in 1 oz of filtered water and swabbed it on myself and the inside of my son’s mouth where the white patches had appeared. His thrush disappeared in a couple of days and never came back. Mine, though it took longer to clear, felt relief after just a few applications.

Who knew grapefruit was more than just tasty and good smelling?

Things I learned from childbirth

  • Contractions are a living hell. I’ll never complain about a period cramp for the rest of my life.
  • Stadol makes you trip balls for about 2 hours.
  •  Epidurals are miracles if you have an anesthesiologist good enough to block pain but leave you with enough feeling in your legs to move and push effectively, even if you only had to for 15 minutes.
  • By the time you squeeze that tiny person out of your body, so many people will have seen you in various levels of nudity and/or had their hands up your junk, you’ll seriously question the point of modesty.
  •  The sensations of a little human coming out of you is the weirdest shit on earth. The placenta feels mundane compared to that sensation. Everything feels really loose and saggy afterwards. Everything.
  •  Your butt disappears. I have no idea where mine went or if I’ll ever find it again.
  • I felt seriously anxious about the inevitability of being discharged because I was scared of being charged with the care of a helpless human being without the safety net of the L&D nurses.
  • It takes getting used to not having a 30+ lb watermelon strapped to your waist and not having to compensate for the shift in center of gravity when you walk so you look kinda drunk the first time you take a good stroll.
  • Mesh granny panties own and I was seriously bummed when I ran out. I could wear those things forever.
  • Peribottles are your BFFs
  • It will take months for your pelvic muscles to regain their tone. Peeing and pooping are new adventures every time.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Engorgement is, in some ways, more miserable and more frightening than labor.
  • I will never respect a woman who’s pooped out a baby more than I do now, and especially those women who did it 100% med-free and lived to tell the tale, whether by choice or otherwise. 
But, it’s all worth it.