So far, we’ve got several varieties of seedlings growing:


Radish (regular and Korean Tae Bok)

Wasabi microgreens


Swiss Chard (rainbow)


and, as of this morning… ZUCCHINI!

Zucchini babies

Baby zuke


This is a pleasant surprise, as I thought for sure my zucchini didn’t germinate until we lifted the sprouting tray up and saw fat, hairy little roots poking out of the drainage hole of a few cells.


Encouraged by the progress of my scallion regrowth experiment, I got myself containers, potting soil and a variety of seeds —  a few from the local nursery and Lowe’s and some from Kitazawa Seed Co., based out of my native SF Bay Area and which specializes in Japanese and Asian heirloom vegetable seeds.

Lacking proper sprouting containers, I used a plastic clamshell package from some apples I got at Costco to serve as a tiny seed bed. It actually worked quite well. To start, I planted kale, swiss chard, radish and cilantro, saving the heirloom seeds for when I got proper cultivation trays. The radishes wasted no time germinating, with the kale following closely behind.


The chard took a little longer to get going and the cilantro actually got me worried because it didn’t show any signs of life for at all.

Now that I have two balconies and a south-facing room that gets plenty of sun, I’m finally realizing my little veggie garden dream I’ve wanted to try for years. First, I decided to regrow some scallions from the root ends after we had bokkeum to test the prospects before investing in potting soil, containers and seeds. Here’s the result of 24 hours in plain tap water:




Lookin’ pretty good!

Whipped up (or whipped out, as it were) a quick knitted thing (using the Big Dick Dishcloth pattern) for a secret santa snack exchange happening in my guild for the holidays. Since, despite living in this region for over a decade, I’m having a hard time coming up with more than a couple of truly local delicacies to send, I figured a handmade thing might help round things out.

It’s taken a while to be able to find some time to get some knitting done without being assaulted by curious infant hands, but I’ve managed and finished a project that’s been waiting to be completed for almost a year and needed to be done before Christmas.

Finished my son’s Christmas stocking finally. #knitting

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And a progress shot from earlier in the year.

Working on Oren’s Christmas stocking. #knitting

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Last year, I donated to a kickstarter for a cool little science “toy” called DINOPET by Biopop. It took a while for production to get underway after a couple of design hiccups and I finally received my long awaited package last month.

Dinopet Unboxing



Dinopet filled

Dinopet "charging"

Anyhow, I’ve set it all up and let it “charge” in the sun and it works. The little plankton dudes flash a pretty blue when allowed at least 30 minutes of darkness after sundown and then agitated (typically by turning the thing so the air bubble moves from one end to the other). I tried my best, on several occasions, to capture the effect on video, but it hasn’t worked out.

After not attending for a few years, we went to King Richard’s Faire. I snagged a groupon deal for four tickets, so it was hard to pass up.

We packed up, grabbed a quick breakfast and headed off the grounds.

On the way to King Richard's Faire

We saw a lot of things: Costumes…


A fair maiden



Several furries.




There were a lot of boobs.


It was also really hot during the joust. REALLY hot.


Expensive, but bottled water was an unavoidable necessity.




Overall, a good way to spend a Saturday in early September.



So today, my son, Oren, is six months old.

He’s happy, healthy and a pleasure to be around, even in spite of his insistence on going to bed at 5am.

He has recently begun crawling in earnest (still a little clumsy, but it’s true crawling, up on hands and knees) and can pull himself to a stand, provided he has sturdy enough support to hang on to. He’s started solids in the last week and is taking well to them, even though they’re mostly just for exploration, fun and nutritional supplementation at this point.

I’m a proud mama.